Step By Step Instructions to wrap foot for plantar fasciitis

Gather your materials. You need sports tape to tape your foot utilizing this strategy. You can get moves
of sports tape at superstores, stores, or pharmacies. A move of zinc oxide tape should keep going for three to five
Make sure that when you apply the tape that you keep all wrinkles out of the tape. This can cause rankles or other
Tape should be wrapped delicately. You don’t need the tape to be too close on your foot.


Wash your foot. Before you tape your foot, make sure you wash your foot with a non-saturating cleanser.
These aides the tape adhere to your foot when applied. Make sure your foot is totally dry prior to beginning.

Anchor the tape. To begin the taping interaction, tape a piece of tape around the ball of your foot. This is
the territory simply behind your toes on your foot. Make sure your foot is loose during the taping. Wrap the tape all the
route around so it’s on the top and bottom of your foot. [4]
Then, wrap a piece of tape around the rear of your lower leg. The tape should go around the lower leg and down the
two sides of your foot until it meets the tape around the ball of your foot. Stick the two areas of tape together.
This should not be tight. The tape should be free on your feet, and you should finish this progression while your foot is
Smooth any wrinkles out of the tape as you go to forestall rankles.

Cross the foot with tape. Stick one finish of the tape on your foot just beneath your large toe. At that
point tape diagonally across the bottom of your foot. Wrap the tape around the heck, and afterward tape it diagonally
the alternate path across the bottom of your foot. Take the end under your pinky toe.
Now, you should have a huge X across the bottom of your foot with tape. The focal point of the X should be in your foot.
Rehash taping this X three additional occasions. This offers help to the plantar sash.

• Tape horizontally. The last advance of the taping is to tape flat lines along the underside of your foot.
These flat portions of tape will cover so you can’t perceive any of your foot. They will cover the whole bottom of your
foot from the impact point to the anchor circumventing the ball of your foot.
Toward the end, wrap a piece of tape all the route around the ball of your foot once more, including the highest point of
your foot, to offer additional help. This should be the lone piece of tape on the highest point of your foot.
You don’t need to wrap the entire route around your foot. All things being equal tear each piece of tape at the edge of
your foot, making what resembles a tape shoe.

• Tape for the duration of the day. You should tape your feet at whatever point you are going to
participate in a great deal of active work, for example, prior to practicing or prior to going to work.
The kinesiology tape should be agreeable and should not be collapsed on the underside of your foot.
It’s OK to leave the tape on for three to five days, however, it’s smarter to change the tape each day.
It’s fine if the tape gets wet in the shower.